Seduction in Salem


Seduction in Salem was performed alongside The Female Afflictions at Eltham College Performance Centre on Tuesday May 31st, 2005. Seduction in Salem was self-devised by the ensemble performers.

The double bill was the premiere performance for Purely Pensive Productions. 



In the tiny village of Briley, three young women find a strange power inside of them in a tiny isolated community. Not knowing what to do with this power, they decide to join forces in a trio that would make their elders turn in their graves.


Quickly the small community begin to notice strange occurrences, but perhaps it's the most unlikely of people who are responsible for the actions.


In a tale of love, treachery and moral conflict we see six characters go through very different journeys of self discovery and sacrifice all for the thing they believe in most.


Based on the true events of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem Massachusetts, this play draws on the personal struggles of the afflicted in the 1500s as well as truly modern dilemmas.



Supervised by...


Lighting Control...


Jeremy Ives 

Jeremy Ives

Angie Bedford


David Smith...

Ruth Walker...

Abi O'Hara...

Bridgette Hussey...

Grace O'Leary...

Mary Smith... 

Matt Bolger - Hobson

Sally Hughes

Helena Knapik

Anita Posterino

Aishling Sharkey

Jane Walker



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