Man Up!

Written and Directed by Jeremy Ives

Man Up! was performed at the Midsumma Festival 22-25 January 2020 at Meat Market - Stables, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne. 

Man Up! explores current societal views and norms around the way men behave and questions where men and masculinity are headed. Based on countless interviews with real people, the script is woven to reflect the way people have perceived men in their life and what the future holds for our young boys as they become men. A fascinating insight into what people are currently thinking and feeling. A touching performance exploring social issues of domestic violence, aggression, homophobia and dominance; balanced by the nurturing, vulnerability and sensitivity we don’t always see.

Warning: Contains frequent coarse language, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Violence, Self Harm or Suicide, Sexual Assault or Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Alcohol Use, Sexual References, Mental Health

when & where

Wed 22 Jan 8pm-9pm (Preview)

Thurs 23 Jan 8pm-9pm

Fri 24 Jan 8pm-9pm

Sat 25 Jan 3pm-4pm

Sat 25 Jan 8pm-9pm


Lucas Hayes
Rian Howlett 
Elias Jabbour 
Sorab Kaikobad 


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