AWAY auditions


Audition bookings for Away are now open. 


Away opens with a school performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the great Shakespearean themes of suffering, regeneration and reconciliation persist. It’s Christmas 1967 and time to re-enact the rituals of the summer holiday. Three Australian families set out separately but are driven together by a storm. At times funny and yet painfully truthful, Away exposes the comedy and tragedy of their lives.  


The artistic team are looking for 13-15 actors to fill a combination of male and female roles:

TOM: 16-17 outgoing and ambitious character. Keen on acting and being the ideal son, Tom is dealing with an illness that alters the decisions he makes throughout the play.

MEG: 16-17 love interest of Tom. Outspoken and determined Meg is rebelling against her family and the ideals she is being brought up in.

ROY: Late forties. Roy is the high school principal. He is grieving with the loss of his son in Vietnam war and trying to support his wife Coral who isn’t coping. A man of integrity and principles.

CORAL: Late forties. A grieving mother who has lost her son. Coral behaves quite childlike and is trying to re-build her life and start new beginnings. Coral goes through a range of emotions as the story unfolds.

RICK: Early twenties. A young newly wed who is disgruntled with the life he’s ended up with. Rick is searching for something more to his existence. Very masculine.

GWEN: Late thirties. Gwen is a miserable housewife whose life is not what she imagined it to be. Gwen has worked hard for her family to have the ideal life and the image of her family is very important to outsiders. Gwen goes on a journey to renewing her life.

JIM: Late thirties. Jim is a supportive husband to his wife Gwen, Jim is often pushed around by his stubborn wife, but always has admiration for her. Jim is a loving father and the stable rock that keeps his family together.

HARRY: Mid thirties. Harry is the English father of Tom. He has come to Australia to start new beginnings and wants the best for his family and in particular his son. Harry is happy go lucky and is willing to see the best in every situation.

VIC: Mid thirties. Vic is the English mother of Tom. She is very nurturing and maternal and like her family is willing to see the best in every situation. 

ENSEMBLE: INCLUDING LEONIE, MISS LA TROBE, MC, CAMPERS AND FAIRIES:  All ensemble will have speaking roles and will be required to transform into various characters throughout the play. 


  • We welcome auditionees aged 16 to 40

  • Auditionees should read the character descriptions (above) and consider the role(s) they are interested in. Please note actors can audition for any role regardless of their own age (16 and over). The character ages indicated refer to how the character should be portrayed with the assistance of makeup etc. not actual actor age.

  • Prior to the audition, you will be expected to rehearse the audition piece (one for males, one for females, download on the right --> ). This should be performed with the characterisation of an Away character of your choice. Please use an Australian accent. You are not required to memorise the audition piece.

  • Please bring along a non-returnable headshot – a casual photo/printout is fine.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition timeslot to allow time to fill out forms.

  • Please bring along your diary and any unavailable dates. We need to be aware of this when casting and creating rehearsal schedules. 

  • Rehearsals will be held Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Sunday evenings at 6pm in Greensborough North, from 19 June, 2011.

  • Production week will be 12-18 September, 2011 at the Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, Corner Sydney & Glenlyon Roads, Brunswick. 




Click on the below file to download/save the audition piece. 

Size : 201.253 Kb
Type : pdf

audition dates

Auditions will be held on:

Sunday 5th June from 7.00pm 

Monday 6th June from 7.00pm

Wednesday 8th June (Callbacks)


Please phone 0405 114 063 and leave a message with your preferred audition evening.

We will return your call with a booking time and further information.

Bookings are essential!

audition and rehearsal venue

St.Thomas the Apostle Primary School Hall
251 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough North

Pass the main entrance and enter through the second entrance/driveway. The hall and ample parking are directly ahead, on the right of the roundabout.


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