Cloudstreet Auditions

Audition bookings are now open for Purely Pensive Productions’ December 2017 show,


By Tim Winton

Adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo

Directed by Jeremy Ives and Janine Shipard

Produced by Angie Bedford

Purely Pensive Productions, in association with Darebin City Council, present Cloudstreet. 

A unique theatre experience staged at the historical Bundoora Homestead, where the audience will be treated to a roving performance where the homestead transforms into the iconic Cloudstreet House. An opportunity for actors who wanted to be involved in a truly one of kind theatrical production. 


Cloudstreet chronicles the lives of of two working class Australian families who come to live together in one large, abandoned house on Cloud Street over a twenty year period from 1943-1963.

The two families contrast each other; the devoutly religious Lambs find meaning in hard work and God’s grace, while the Pickles hope for good luck and don't share the Lambs' appetite for hard work. Though initially resistant to each other, their search and journey for meaning in life concludes with the uniting of the two families, with many characters citing this as the most important aspect of their lives. As a play, Cloudstreet has a circular structure, opening and ending with a shared celebratory family picnic - a joyous occasion which, ironically, is also the scene of Fish’s long sought-after death or return to the water. The play is narrated effectively by flashback "in the seconds it takes to die" by Fish Lamb, or the 'spiritual' omniscient Fish Lamb, free of his restricting retarded state. As such, the novel gives a voice to social minorities, the Australian working class and the disabled.


The artistic team are seeking 12-18 actors to make up the cast:

 SPEAKING rOLES all require an AUSTRALIAN accent.

Sam Pickles: A troubled man who takes his chance on luck. His fingers are cut off at the beginning of the play. Sam is weak in his nature succumbing to gambling and drinking and unable to control his wife and children. He is pathetic, but also a likeable larrikin who in the end, just wants the best for his family in his own spontaneous way.

Dolly Pickles: An attractive woman who knows how to turn heads. She is harsh and blunt in her nature and has a very fractured relationship with her daughter. She has had a troubled life and finds solace in alcohol and the company of men other than her husband.

Rose Pickles: A thin, pretty, troubled young girl. The daughter of Sam and Dolly who has her mother’s looks, her father’s heart, but a big chip on her shoulder.  Rose is forthright and determined, very intelligent and determined to make something of herself. Must look very thin as she suffers from an eating disorder for most of the play.

Lester Lamb: A goofy, fun loving father who has the best intention in his heart for his family. His weakness is providing the best for his family and his yearning for fun and a less serious life than his wife. He loves to begin things, but often lacks the drive to follow them through. Described as a strong and tall man.

Oriel Lamb: A stern, conservative hard working woman. Once deeply devoted to her faith, Oriel is conflicted after the accident her son Fish was involved in. She is no nonsense and believes in tough love. Her family and her routine are what keep her going. Takes no pride in her appearance.

Quick Lamb: A conflicted young man who suffers as the world suffers. He blames himself for his brother’s disability and as a result wants to punish himself. He spends most of the play wracked with guilt trying to run away from the incident that has shaped his life. He is deeply pensive and rough around the edges.

Fish Lamb: Left disabled after an accident at the beginning of the show, Fish is the glue that keeps his family together. He remains childlike as he grows up and has a deep love for and dependence on his brother Quick. Actor would need to be extremely committed to the character.

Aboriginal Man: Spiritual guide for the characters who live in the house given the themes of the stolen generation that flow through the script.

Also an ensemble of eight actors of varying ages and gender would be required to change to the different characters that appear throughout the story. 


  • We welcome auditionees of all ages that can play the required age range
  • Many audition pieces are the internal thoughts of the characters, however should still be characterised with acting while performing the pieces.
  • Auditionees should read the character descriptions (above) and consider the role(s) they are interested in. Please note actors can audition for any role regardless of their own age. The character ages indicated refer to how the character should be portrayed with the assistance of makeup etc. not actual actor age.
  • Actors need to download the script excerpts from the website and prepare one excerpt appropriate for the role they wish to audition for.   
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition book to allow time to fill out forms and please bring a head shot along with you.
  • Please download, print and complete the Audition Form and bring it along.
  • Please bring along your diary and any unavailable dates. We need to be aware of this when casting and creating rehearsal schedules. 
  • Rehearsals will be held Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings from 6.30pm at the Homestead from 22nd October 2017.
  • Production season is December 3-16, 2017 at The Bundoora Homestead.


Tuesday October 10 2017 from 6.30pm

Thursday October 12 2017 from 6.30pm
Sunday October 15 2017 from 5.30pm
Additional callbacks may also be called on October 15.
At The Bundoora Homestead, Snake Gully Road, Bundoora.


Please email with your preferred audition time and date. We will return your email with a booking time and further information. Please specify the character you would like to audition for so you can be placed in an appropriate grouping. For further information please call: 0474 201 166. 


Cloudstreet Audition Form.doc Cloudstreet Audition Form.doc
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Quick Audition Piece.pdf Quick Audition Piece.pdf
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Sam Audition Piece.pdf Sam Audition Piece.pdf
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Oriel Audition Piece.pdf Oriel Audition Piece.pdf
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Lester Audition Piece.pdf Lester Audition Piece.pdf
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Aboriginal Man Audition Piece.pdf Aboriginal Man Audition Piece.pdf
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Dolly Audition Piece.pdf Dolly Audition Piece.pdf
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Rose Audition Piece.pdf Rose Audition Piece.pdf
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Fish Audition Piece.pdf Fish Audition Piece.pdf
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AUDITION and rehearsal venue
Bundoora Homestead, Snake Gully Drive Bundoora

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